Keighley ??

I had a very unlikely e mail in February from the Italian Workers Association who were holding a festival to celebrate republica day. There would be stalls of food, wine and all things Italian, it was provisionally booked as a ride to event rather than a show. Fast forward a few months and the weather forecast was good, I managed to borrow a Scrambler Flat Track Pro off Ducati Manchester for the day.

We met at the store, good support from the Wirral branch heading over making a dirty dozen, 12 of us set off, Nat in support in the car , we stopped by the Thatch and Thistle and met Paul Armstrong on his Elefant, it was the first event that have held and it was at the Academy school in Keighley, it was that Italian I asked Nat for a Euro for a gelato !!

There were a couple of super cars there but they didn’t stay long which was a shame, we were later on invited for lunch in the canteen, lovely pasta and we were not charged, we all felt a bit special, all in all a great day and we have been invited again next year.

Ducati Club Race

Hi all, had a very exciting week end last week end, the full story will be in the next issue of Desmo, now all colour !! Thanks to Jilly and her hard work to finally get it in colour, anyway, Keith Ringle the club secretary had arranged to meet a couple of his friends from New Zealand at the Netherlands Ducati Club races at Assen, Glyn Robinson who now runs Sports Motorcycles and Kevin Grant a Britten owner, two Brittens were to be on the track over the week end, travel plans were discussed but the decision for cheapest and quickest was eurotunnel, a hell of a drive but worth it, after 14 hours we arrived, straight to the bar.


Thev two days of racing were awesome Rich Llewellins TT2 won best and it was competing against 600s, the TT1s were quite a bit quicker but Rich still finished 5th overall, the Battle of the twins revival race was awesome with 851, 888, 916 up to Panigale all on track, the noise of this and the singles race well, you can imagine……..

Paul Smart was thrapping around on a replica, Al Wager was with Alan Cathcart, one word, Amazing, could we do something like that ? Possibly, who knows, it was nice to also finally meet Pat Slinn after a few e mails over the years, I will stop there, until Desmo.