Rides and mishaps

We have taken advantage of some nice Autumn weather and had a few ride outs, I arranged one with Ducati Manchester where I was loaned a Monster R for the day, what a bike, just nuts with it taking effort to keep the front wheel down on hard acceleration, we just had a nip over to Southport then some nice Lancashire roads back to the dealership calling in at my place of work, Jaguar in Bolton for a coffee, those free ones are always the best !!

The second ride Adie Such planned a route, meeting at Cafe Italia in Bolton for breakfast we then headed North through some great roads, I was on my 600 Monster which developed a fuelling issue, I thought I had cured it but it struck over a hilltop pass just East of Kendal, thanks to Andy Mellor for the help of his left leg pushing my stricken Monster to civilisation and phone service, as I patiently waited for the AA I got it started and rode south down the A6 to meet the patrol, it turned out to be a blocked fuel filter which had only been fitted a few weeks, oh well by passed with the help of AA and back to catch up the group.

i did not end up catching them but despite everything had a great day out, Stafford next, then dark nights 😞😞😞


Southern Rally fun

This year we decided to go to the Southern Rally for a full week, Chris, Rona and the lovely Holly and Nathan also decided to have a full week. The decision spread and Dave and Sue also decided on a longer break, Steve and Madge weren’t too far behind arriving on the Tuesday.

Camp DOC was basking in the sunshine with trips fishing and crabbing during the day with a few drinks at night. The weather was superb all week, Chris, myself with Theo went to the beach in beer for an ice cream, Theo wanted to try his new helmet out that I bought for him.

Saturday came and the weather really turned, I cannot remember a wet Southern rally over the last few years, a ride to Steve Hilary’s RedMax speed shop for coffee and a drool we decided just to head back to camp, the forecast was getting worse, later in the afternoon I feared for the tent the wind was that strong !!

The buffet and Saturday night party went well as always the venue had been done up much to the better, all too soon it was time for bed and pack up in the morning, always sad to leave the Southern Rally as it is the beginning of the end of the riding season.