It was that time of year and again I kind of invited myself to the Borgo Panigale DOC Christmas party, a few revellers came along, Kevin, Tracy and Dylan Baker, Guy and Wendy Gagen and of course Pensionato. I was with Natalee as it was the first anniversary of our engagement at the factory. Nat and I arrived at the same time as Wendy and Guy, from different ends of the country, us going via Frankfurt. Quick wash and it was out, we had a quiet meal that night at the restaurant next door to the hotel Del Borgo where we always stay.

The first of our many trips into Bologna the day after, just a bit of site seeing and of course lunch, by the time we got back the others had all arrived, it was beer o clock !! The numerous cafes near the factory in Borgo Panigale all serve snacks, free whilst you are drinking so you have to watch You don’t eat too much , it was off to a favourite of mine, Randaggio that night, more food and of course a drink or two, it was a big change this year as we spent four nights in Bologna, not just two like the previous year.

Into Bologna again the day after, we found a food, drink and craft fair, I could feel myself gaining weight !! Out that night to La Stella, another favourite of the clubs that frequent the factory.

Monday was the factory day, the girls decided they had been before so they went shopping into Bologna, again…..

The factory tour guide was great as always and we had a very in depth tour, her partner tested the Panigale when they are built, nice job, after lunch in the canteen we went to another small factory, Spider, they make the lovely Diavel wheels as well as Moto 2 and 3 wheels, works of art. That evening was party night, itis reallyjust a huge raffle, we did well between us with Pensionato winning a team shirt, not jealous, small model bikes and I did well with a race truck and also a rare 1098 in Yellow, Richard Starkey will be jealous !!! Home the day after, knackered skint and fat !!

oh well, it was worth it.