Severn Valley Rally

It now seems more than a few weeks ago that we were at the Severn Valley rally, a great week end away, I went on my Paso, I don’t know why but the roads around there and having to lug a heavy rucksack make the bike perfect for it, when it is running !! I set off to meet Tim and Nix along with Peter at Whitchurch, all done with no drama and in lovely sunshine, a few miles down the road the bike banged a lot as the ignition went off and on, a stop to find the problem, I was not happy especially as I was causing delay for the others, as luck would have it a prod at one connection and ignition lights came on !! I had cleaned it with the panels off a few days before but it had been fine, a few more miles and bang bang, it was doing it again. I resisted the urge to drop kick my helmet into a hedge …. a prod and away it went again, never to return.

The party was in full swing when we arrived an drinks and food were quickly ordered, huge portions, a few drinks and I was off to bed, I had been up early working, my excuse.

Out at 10 the next morning for the ride, we ended up in deepest darkest Wales, the Paso did not miss a beat which is more than can be said for a few ST’s, the owners shall remain nameless, here anyway ……

more good food and yes a few more drinks saw us making merry until the small hours, this may have been the last Severn Valley rally, we shall see…..