For those that don’t know, WPM or World Presidents Meeting takes place every other year usually in Italy or the Italian islands, on WDW years the trip heads to Misano, if you’ve seen my Facebook pictures you will know it is a bit of a crazy time, we what would you expect with 73 clubs represented from all over the world, from Australia to South Korea, Mexico,America and most European countries. This year we started in south Naples and headed over to the other coast spending 1 or 2 nights in each hotel being out at 8.00 the following morning. We took in the lovely town of Matero and also Alberobelo, returning to the centre of Naples the following week end.

The welcome kits were discussed most nights or lack of I should say, we have been assured they should be with us this month, I will update on here and the forum, not on Facebook.

The meeting itself was all day Saturday with discussions about the content of the welcome kit, most clubs and continents were not really bothered to the content, maybe something different every year. I also put into the mix that the red club card should mean more, discounted race tickets and a bit of weight behind it, we will see what happens.

Castle Combe this week end so another blog next week or maybe even from there, can you handle two in a week ? Does anybody read this ? Ok, a prize to the first person to text me to say they have read it !!!